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Seminars For Insurance Professionals & Others

LIS_Cover_1110_NoBox_200Disability Insurance Resource Center (DIRC) offers its widely acclaimed, timely and informative seminar services to your organization. Our seminars are designed to help agents, agencies, home offices, and life/health underwriters break into the marketplace, or in the case of financial planners, accountants, attorneys, physicians, and other professionals, understand each of the different disability insurance products, their application, and the differences between individual, group, and association plans, as well as the many differences between the individual “non-can” types. You will learn which policies are claims driven versus contract driven and that can make a big difference at claim time as to whether or not the claim will be paid (by satisfying all of the many terms, definitions, etc).

Depending on the audience, we have designed several individualized seminars, each tailored to the audience’s particular orientation to the insurance industry (sales, marketing, advisor). These seminars talk about where the industry is heading, underwriting problems (and how to get around them), the full sales cycle (presentation, rebuttals, closes, sales tips, etc.), differences between and application of various disability insurance products (buy/sell, business overhead, key-man, split-dollar) and much, much more! DIRC also lectures on the tax ramification of premium payor.

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