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Published Articles By Larry Schneider

  1. Has the Industry Stopped Shaking
  2. Have the DI Providers Entered the Twenty-first Century…
  3. We’ve Left the Dark Ages..How will the DI Perform in the 21st Century
  4. The New landscape
  5. Why Isn’t Disability Insurance Sold More
  6. Disability Income Protection-A Primer (how to select the IDEAL DI policy)
  7. Getting the Carriers To Hear Our message (Why Are Agents reluctant to sell DI)
  8. Why Agents Are Reluctant to Sell Disability Insurance
  9. What does it Take to Become A Disability producer
  10. Knowledge Is Power
  11. When Is The Best Time to Get Disability Insurance
  12. How to present Disability Insurance To Your client
  13. Disability Income Protection/A Primer (how to select the ideal policy)
  14. Helping clients Through the Thickets of The Own-Occ Definition (of Total Disability)
  15. Own-Occupation (definition of Total Disability) vs. Loss of Earnings (which is better and why)
  16. When Doesn’t the Own-Occupation Work From a Claims Perspective
  17. How to Handle Disability Insurance Objections
  18. DI Dilemmas …What To Do When Your Application Has Been Rejected
  19. Recognizing a DI Landmine
  20. Arthritis: Outcomes Vary in Disability Insurance Cases
  21. Is Long Term Disability For Everyone
  22. What Type of Coverage Is best For employees
  23. Truth or Consequences, Group vs. Individual/Differences at a glance
  24. Informed Customers Are the Best Customers (Wage Continuation (group LTD), Association vs. Individual) Differences
  25. Split Dollar Disability Insurance
  26. Disability Claim denied! Justly or Unjustly?
  27. DI Insurance Inflation Guards (How they differ and which ones to use)
  28. Why Not Lifetime Benefits?
  29. Not So subtle Wake-up Call
  30. Mental/Nervous – 24 Month Benefit Period
  31. Eight Part Series:
    1. Why Insure Income,
    2. Constructing a Plan,
    3. Completing the Application,
    4. Recognizing and Overcoming Underwriting Landmines,
    5. Delivering a DI Policy,
    6. DI Claim Denied,
    7. DI Business Funding needs,
    8. Group LTD/Beware of The Deficiencies
  32. Help Home Workers Stop Being DI Outcasts
  33. Five BIGGEST DI Mistakes-And How To Avoid them
  34. Disability Insurance Market Outlook
  35. Why Isn’t Disability Insurance Sold More
  36. Disability income protection- A Primer
  37. Other
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