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General Information For Agents


Larry Schneider just published the encyclopedia in Disability Insurance Manual, which will make an agent an overnight expert


Why Should You Recommend Disability Insurance To Your Clients

  1. Could you face your client when they got disabled and you didn’t recommend coverage?
  2. Do you want someone else to come in and sell this valuable product to your clients or is building a fence around them a better approach
  3. What’s wrong with a renewal commission stream that is more lucrative than other products?
  4. Are you interested in what can be a daytime business?
  5. Want to sell a much needed product in a virtually an untapped market, with very little competition?
  6. TIP FOR AGENTS: now is the time to review your files for applications previously turned down and send them to us for a prompt quote.


Claim Denied, Expert Witness/Consultant

Have a problem with a disability insurance claim that has been inappropriately denied? Call for expert witness/consultation. We can help in getting it overturned and paid. For best results let us help you prepare your claim before it is submitted. Refer to one of our many published articles on denied claim.

About Larry Schneider

LIS_Cover_1110_NoBox_200Larry Schneider has been specializing in the disability insurance field since 1972 and his experience has made him one of the nation’s leading experts on Disability Income Insurance.


Think Outside The Box

Thinking outside the box can increase sales, here are but a few occupations / situations that are not hard to place.

  1. Professional athletes
  2. Musicians
  3. Truckers
  4. High wage earners
  5. Overage
  6. Build, or health issues
  7. Working abroad


Frequently Asked Questions

DIRC provides answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). We will be pleased to answer any other questions you may have. Request a Quote for more information.

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