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Denied Claim / Expert Witness / Consultant

Disability Income Insurance claims have increased dramatically over the last several years, along with a disproportionate number of denials.  Claims departments of too many insurance companies have been told to “tighten up”. Claims that once would have been paid, are routinely being denied due to industry trends, misunderstandings, consumer lack of knowledge and inability to contest.

Larry Schneider, a renowned expert witness/consultant since 1972, has helped others overturn their denied claims and collect for damages. During his career he has published a claims manual (The Anatomy of Denied Disability Income Insurance Claims) used by attorneys who want to gain valuable insights.

There can be many reasons why your claim for Disability Income Insurance benefits was denied under the provisions of your policy. Some reasons may be appropriate, others may be inappropriate. In either instance, we can advise you and help, by either getting it reversed (if it was inappropriate) or save you money by avoiding costly litigation (if it was appropriate).

Expert Witness/Consulting Services

Claim Denied:

  • Policy Review and Evaluation
  • Fact Gathering
  • Analysis of Denial
  • Research
  • Rebuttal
  • Negotiation

Claim Submission:

  • Review and analysis of all policies and associated correspondence
  • Review of all medical reports
  • Assist in completing the claim forms (to minimize claim denial)
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