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Application Rejected? Can’t Find Coverage?

If your Disability Insurance application has been rejected, or if you can’t find coverage because the industry has classified you as uninsurable, or as an impaired risk applicant, we can help. Since 1972, we know exactly where to go the first time for the best coverage and the best offer and we can obtain coverage for what is normally referred to as hard to find, or sub-standard.

Some examples of why an application can be a problem, are as follows:

  • Over-Age
  • Dangerous Occupation (policemen, roofers, pilots, etc.)
  • Health Problems (diabetes, heart, etc.)
  • Psychotherapy/counseling, etc.
  • Working from within the Home
  • New Business
  • Over-weight
  • Mental/Nervous
  • Unusual/Dangerous Occupation
  • Government Worker
  • Over-Insured (and want more coverage)
  • Working Abroad
  • Blue-Gray collar (landscapers, beauticians, bartenders, etc.)
  • Other

IMPORTANT: If you know anyone that has been denied coverage, please let them know that a remedy might be available and they might be interested in learning how they might be reconsidered.

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