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Agent Sales Training & Seminars

Let our  experience (since 1972) exclusively specializing in disability insurance and hands-on street smarts, either train, or retrain you and your agents, for this profitable, but virtually untapped marketplace.

EVEN if you already have your own full time trainer, or work with your “manufacturer’s” trainer, at the very least, our services will both provide and or enhance  the following important benefits to your company/agency:

  • Increased Sales
  • Increased Quality of Sales
  • Decreased Rejections
  • Increased Market Penetration
  • Increased Number of Agents Successfully Selling Disability Insurance
  • Reduced Agent Turnover
  • Reduced Claims Activity
  • Reduced Need to Hire Additional Trainers
  • Increased Timeliness of Training
  • Reduced Need to Develop a Training/Procedure Manual
  • Increased Chances of Agent Success by Having Time Proven Methods Taught by an Experienced, Credible Consultant Trainer (consultants always get more respect… whether deserved or not!)
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