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"Whatever the requirement, We Can Provide It"

If you believe "one stop" shopping is right for you,
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Our Mission

To provide timely, informative, accurate, objective quotes  and or guidance and analysis, for all of your disability insurance requirements, whether you are a consumer (self employed/professional/employee), agent, G/A, financial planner, home office, or a claimant.

Our mission is multi-faceted and encompasses all components of disability insurance, whether it be a denied claim, assisting in obtaining coverage for those who find it difficult to obtain coverage, or have been turned down/rejected/classified as a sub-standard, or as an impaired risk for any number of reasons (health, over-weight or age, diabetic, heart, cancer, depression/anxiety, dangerous occupation/blue collar or home based worker, working abroad, new business, over insured government worker, entertainer, athlete etc.). We also specialize in all forms of business application of disability insurance, such as; Key-man, Buy/Sell, Business Overhead, Loan Indemnification etc.

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Company Profile

Disability Insurance Resource Center (DIRC) represents all of the major carriers and is the nation’s largest full service brokerage/agency exclusively specializing in disability income protection (disability insurance).

DIRC provides free quotes/information for attorneys, dentists, physicians, other professionals and all types of workers regardless of your needs (e.g. consumer, policy holder, agent, attorney, C.P.A., financial planner, or a home office sales/marketing director). With our specialization, going back to 1972, we immediately know which one of our carriers will most closely match your requirements. In addition, DIRC provides many other related disability insurance services such as: expert witness/consultation for denied claims, seminars/agent trainingturn-key sales/marketing systems and coverage for those who may be uninsurable.


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